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Did you know that smart watches can do a lot of things your smartphone cannot? For instance, they can track your activity, sleep, heart rate and the entire body’s fitness level. In addition, users can play music and do many other activities without the phone, including paying at the store! Below are more benefits to look at.
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  1. Vacation Industry & Travels

It may not have occurred to most of the skeptical that Apple’s Smart Watch can do more display different notifications from the phone. It has been demonstrated users can use the wrist device to display boarding passes directly on the screen to get through airport security. Airport security is always welcome to innovations that make the process easier. With your Fashionable Apple Watch Bands to complement the device, no looking through luggage for the boarding pass!


  1. Answer Calls

This is again one of the most compelling reasons most consumers are buying smart watches. Sometimes we all want to be discrete when receiving calls. By struggling to reach for the ringing or vibrating phone in the pockets or bag, can be a distraction enough.

When driving or walking around with headsets, you can decline and accept calls on the watch. However, this will automatically activate the speaker and microphone for the conversation. Alternatively, headphones will be activated if plugged in. In situations where the smartphone isn’t readily accessible, this can be very helpful.


All smart watches are not the same. Some of the devices allow you respond to calls directly from watch. With one of your moisture wicking Apple watch bands, you can answer all calls using the watch speakers and microphone when working out, while the phone stays in the bag. This is a typical feature of the Apple brand of smart watches.


  1. Fitness

Talking of working out, it’s quite common for people to completely forget about dedicated fitness trackers they have worn for several weeks. To avoid the common problem associated with dedicated trackers, be sure to keep fit by tracking your entire fitness regime with a smart watch. In fact, all smart watches feature step counting functionality. In addition, most will allow running fitness apps.


Get one of the best fitness Apple watch bands, and leverage on more useful features that hook you to the smart watch. The devices are therefore unlikely to get sidelined.


  1. Control Music

With a good smart watch, you can simply take those refresher walks around the park or in town while listening to music from your phone in the pockets. However, if a track you don’t like comes on, simply move to the next track from your smart watch. You do not have to get the phone from your pocket and accidentally unplug the earphones.

What’s more is the fact that lining up the next track, pausing and volume adjustment functionalities are available on the wrist device. This may sound far-fetched. But if you asked those who love listening to music from their smartphones, it is not a trivial benefit. The feature on its own makes listening to music convenient, easier and fun.